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Under the leadership of Mr F M Kabir Mohiuddin, Lithe Group started its’ journey in 1989 with textile care label printing business. The first RMG production facility was established in 1991, and 1992 marked the exporting year for the company. With hard work, dedication & a clear vision, Lithe Group is one of the most renowned group of company in Bangladesh, with an annual turnover of $60 million. Currently, the company is exporting to Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. A team of 4,500 young and talented individuals are working relentlessly everyday to make the dream of F M Kabir Mohiuddin a reality today. Read more…

F. M. Kabir Mohiuddin

Managing Director

Though the year our company has grown from a single printing unit to company which is having a total turnover of US$90 million annually.

Thanks to our loyal and dedicated employees who to took pain in making this establishment excel in this sector.

I would also like to thank our buyers who stays with us and believe in our capacity that they have given us the opportunity to have sustainable business with them allowing us to grow steadily.

Now we have one of the best modern facility in Bangladesh in terms of Textile and Garment production. And I am looking forward to provide more contribution to our country by giving more jobs and increase the quality of living standard to our citizens.