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Apparel 21

In order to embrace the advent of the 21st century Apparel 21 ltd was conceptualized in 1999 with the vision to establish itself as a leading manufacturer going into the 21st century. More than 4 years was spent in design and innovation allowing the development of a perfect masterplan that allowed for a fully vertical setup starting from cotton to all the way to finished garment with every step included like spinning, knitting, dying, yarn dying, printing, embroidery, accessories etc. However as business grew the backward linkage installations have been spun off to become separate business entities in its own right.

Apparel 21 today consists of 3 separate 2 to 3 storied buildings each housing 24 garment production line for a total of 64 lines. Total production capacity of the facility is 135,000 pcs per day. All of its facilities are designed to adhere to sustainable green building standards and are expected to get LEED Platinum certification. As a responsible apparel producer, Apparel 21 LTD provides employees a work environment high above the law-required level. The company has installed and updated lighting, ventilation and ergonomics of its plants using latest technologies like bus bar for electrical fitting, overhead mirror reflectors for lamps, forced duct ventilation Garment conveyor systems and production monitoring systems.