Lithe Group

Serving since 1990

Our History

Guided by the spirit of Lithe  complemented with self-belief and a positive spirit, saw the birth of Lithe Group in 1993. Our founder chairman F.M. Kabir left the comfort of his job as a marine engineer ventured into the uncertain path of entrepreneurship.

Armed with confidence, determination, and the ability to think big, Kabir rented a space in Dhaka and pioneered a modern knitwear manufacturing business with only 30 machines. Lithe was set on motion. The business lived upto its core principles of grace and flexibility and managed not only to adapt to the times but to surge ahead of it, and soon the yields came out. By 2000 Lithe was a well reputed ready made apparel manufacturing destination.

The drive continued and resulted in further expansion of knitwear and accompanying fabric knitting and dying backward linkages. Two decades on, Bangladesh has matured as an apparel sourcing destination and Lithe has evolved as a brand for the article. The journey carries on today, bringing in the new generation to sustain continuity.

The act of being Lithe or Agileis what has allowed us to keep ahead of competition. gile methods break tasks into small increments with no direct long term planning. Every aspect of development is continually revisited throughout the lifecycle of project by way of iterations (also called sprints). Iterations are short time frames  that normally last 1-4 weeks. This “inspect-and-adapt” approach significantly reduces both development costs and time to market. Each iteration involves working through a complete development cycle characterized by planning, requirements analysis, design,  viabilitytesting, and acceptance testing. This helps minimize overall risk, and quicker project adaptability.

Typically, the team size is small (5-9 people) to enable easier communication and collaboration. Multiple teams may be required for larger developmental efforts which may also require a coordination of priorities across teams. Agile methods emphasize more face-to-face communication than written documents when the team is in the same location. However, when a team works at different locations, daily contact is maintained through teleconferencing, videoconferencing, e-mail, etc. The progress made in terms of the work done today, work scheduled for tomorrow and the possible roadblocks are discussed among the team members in brief sessions at the end of the each working day. Besides, agile developmental efforts are supervised by carrying out discussion with  customer representatives to ensure alignment between customer needs and company goals.

Our Vision

We believe in quality and innovation 

Our Vision

We strive to provide quality services on time, based on best practices for the satisfaction of our Partners & Stakeholders. We foster friendly working environment through open communication and mutual respect. We encourage initiative, innovation and teamwork. Workers welfare and rights is our premier focus. We are committed for cleaner and greener environment. We are driven by our responsibility to the society as a Corporate Body.

Meet the Board

F.M Kabir Mohiuddin

Managing Director

Lithe Mohiuddin

Director (Marketing)

Moniruzzaman Munir

Deputy Managing Director

Syed Ashraful Islam

Executive Director (Finance & Accounts)

At a Glance


Lithe Group Timeline
AUG 1989
Lithe Group Was Founded
AUG 1992
Lithe Apparels Ltd.

First Production unit is set up in Narayanganj with Knitting, Printing & Garments production facilities.

SEP 2003
Lithe Group History
Famkam Dyeing Ltd.

Introduction of Dyeing Facilities at Gazipur.

SEP 2008
Lithe Group History
All Over Printing start functioning

Second Composite Production Unit Is Set Up In Gazipur, With AOP Facilities

SEP 2017
Lithe Group History
Export Hits $50 Millions
SEP 2018
Lithe Group Hisptu
Massive Extensions, Renovations & Automation Is Introduced.
SEP 2019
Lithe Group History
Inauguration Of Third Production Unit In Ashulia