Lithe Group

FamKam Dyeing

The Fabrics Cluster, an end to end supply chain for apparel manufacturing in knit wear is a strategic and unifying component of Lithe. Most apparel design and manufacturing houses the world over are required to go beyond the borders of their organization to source their raw materials. This is where Lithe is unique; with its fabric and wet processing and printing division, Lithe has the ability to offer its clientele a completely integrated supply chain from design to delivery.

Lithe Group Dyeing unit has now been in operation for more than 17 years. However,In order to meet our sustainability standards we have worked closely with Italian Dyeing machine manufacturer Danitech to develop and introduce custom designed dyeing machines that are economic and environmentally friendly operating with advanced automation at ultra low liquor levels. The dying process including bleaching and rinsing is carried out with extremely low   nozzle pressure, thus giving excellent fabric surface. An innovative system of pressure regulation reduces compressed air consumption and there is no waiting time for venting the machine, which can be drained at temperatures starting from 92°C. An intensive heat recovery system stores all the cooling water in a specially insulated water tank which is used as top up water in following dying cycles.

A fully automated dying kitchen and material dispensing system developed by Lawar Italy ensures minimal wastage of material and resources and eliminates errors. Overall our dying operations use 30% less energy and almost 40% less water compared to conventional dying factories. In addition to our 40 tons per day fabric dying we are now in the process of adding a 10 tons yarn dying and 4 tons piece dying facility.

Our finishing range includes best in class machines such as Bruckner Stenter, custom designed triple roller Sintec compactor as well as a wide range of fully automatic europian machines. The whole plant is controlled through SedoTreepoint dyeing master and energy master software.

All waste water are treated in our Electrical-biological hybrid effluent treatment plant so all discharge conforms fully to BSTM standards. Our innovation center is currently working on a pilot project achieve zero-discharge, trials are being conducted for implementing several alternative options such as reverse osmosis system, nano-filtration for salt recovery and, Multiple Effect Evaporator and solar bed for reject management.