Lithe Group

Famkam Fashion Ltd.

Apparels 21 LTD has been in operation since 1998 producing high quality fabrics mainly for use within the group. Recenty the plant has undergone total refurbishment with the addition of the latest state of the art machinery and software that are replacing some of our older machines. The unit was detached from apparel 21 and renamed FAMKAM Fashion Ltd. A new purpose built structure has been constructed with state of the art ventilation, dust control and humidification systems.This facility includes over 40 knitting machines that can knit an unlimited amount of fabric design options. Current fabric capacity is 20 tons. Upon completion the facility will house 100 knitting machines and have a total fabric capacity of 80 tons per day.

The Relaknit technology innovation allows formation of fabric using a new type of sinker movement design that allows fabric to be knit with smaller travel length. This not only allows perfect fabric to be knit even from difficult yarn without loosing productivity but also saves upto 30% energy consumption compared to conventional systems. The knitting house is currently implementing SedoTreepointknitting master and energy master software that will allow us continuous fabric defect scanning system. Yarn consumption is also continuously measured to mazimize fabric yield and eliminate costly yarn overfeeding. Machine Stops are categorized and time stamped providing management with data to determine what variables to address- Machine, knitting elements, operators, housekeeping.Stop down times are also documented for operators and management to analyze ways to increase efficiency.  Machine speed is monitored and compared with standard to ensure machines/fabric styles  are running at optimum speed. Our inhouse innovation team is now working closely with the manufacturer and software experts to fine tune the systems to its maximum potential.