Lithe Group

Mahee Intimate

Lithe Group has been involved in the production of undergarment products for some time within its light knit production facilities. Mahee Intimates was established to exclusively focus on undergarment production. Continuous pursuit of ground-breaking innovations in product, service offering and process are the main hallmarks of Mahee Intimates. Our innovation’s team studies the human body by engaging with experts in fields of body mapping, biomechanics, physiotherapy and breast anatomy in the creation of innovative product solutions. We constantly collaborate with customers to help them get closer to the consumer with market innovations. 

Mahee Intimates’ innovations also offer green product solutions to our customers through a combination of recycled materials, fabrics, trims and greener processes. With an improved carbon foot print, these products are made for the environmentally conscious consumer. Our New facility in Ashulia has been built to be a state of the art Lingarae manufacturing facility as well as one of the most sustainable construction project in the world. It is currently undergoing LEED Certification process, and once complete it would be the highest rated LEED certified Lingerie factory in the world. This unit is the first to trial RFID production management system within the group, that feeds live production data to the Indurstial Engineering and planning departments allowing the line managers to streamline and control production process down to a micro scale, greatly increasing productivity.